You have to pay 10% of the price of the order, that You will make, in advance.

The prices of the paintings are the same, no matter how, there is one or several animals on the painting.

I need 4-5 weeks to make the painting, depending of how much previous
orders I have.

Clubs and societys does get discount of the price with orders of exhibitionprizes etc


Innehar F-skattebevis


can be made by telefon +46 227 31247 (evenings)

+46 ( 0 ) 70 357 97 39

or by e-mail:


Pastel crayon

20x30 cm   1200:-

30x40 cm    1800:-

40x50 cm    2400:-

50x60 cm    3000:-


20x30 cm   1500:-

30x40 cm    2400:-

40x50 cm    3400:-

50x60 cm    4400:-


Aquarel/Colour pencil

20x30 cm   1800:-

30x40 cm    3400:-

40x50 cm   4700:-

50x60 cm    5900:



Oilpaint (canvass or panel)

F6 41x33 cm    6000:-

F8 46x38 cm    8000:-

F10 55x46 cm    9500:-

F12 61x50 cm    12000:-

F15 65x54 cm    15000:-

F20 73x61 cm    18000:-

F40 100x81 cm    24000:-